Incretin Hormones Study

What does the study involve?

This study involves a screening visit and three study visits at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, or Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC). Each visit will last from 2-4 hours, and will involve a number of study procedures.
The following will be done at each visit:

Screening Visit:
After the consent process is completed, the following screening procedures will be performed:

  • Medical history
  • Brief Physical Exam
  • Weight and Height measurement
  • Urine Pregnancy test for females
  • Blood Draw
  • Oral glucose tolerance test—if not already done

Study Visit 1:

  • After an overnight fast(this is mandatory for CFRD subjects; however, subjects are allowed to fast at home if preferable/feasible)
  • Blood sample for HbA1c level and other studies
  • Mixed Meal Tolerance Test

Study Visit 2:

  • Fasting begins at 8pm the evening before the visit.
  • Glucose Potentiated Arginine (GPA) test

Study Visit 3:

  • Scheduled 1 – 4 weeks after Visit 2
  • Overnight fast
  • Repeat Glucose Potentiated Arginine (GPA) test

All clinically relevant results will be shared with you and, if you give us permission, your/ your child’s CF doctor.