Incretin Hormones Study

About this Study

The insulin deficiency related to CFRD has traditionally been considered a by-product of damage to the exocrine pancreas (the part of the pancreas responsible for making digestive enzymes) that extends to the endocrine pancreas (which makes insulin and other hormones). In type 2 diabetes, abnormalities in gut secreted hormones (referred to as incretins) that help the pancreas secrete more insulin after eating have been recognized.

Through this study, we hope to obtain more information regarding Beta cell responsiveness to incretin hormones in individuals with CF, and to determine whether the gut’s ability to make these hormones or the pancreas’ ability to respond to these hormones is altered in CF.

With this information, we hope to better understand how individuals with CF secrete insulin. This will equip both providers and individuals with CF with the knowledge to better understand and manage this condition, and lessen its assault on pulmonary health.